Dating Young Women

Dating Young Women – A Guide for Older Guys

Dating young women is a particular challenge for guys. If you are dating women who are under the age of 25 and you are 7 or more years older than she is, you need to read this article on dating young women.

There is a stereotype that women who date older men are gold diggers. But, this applies to very few women. Actually, many young women are just out to have a good time. They are not looking for marriage. If you happen to be attracted to a younger woman, you need to play into this “good time image.”

Younger women are more whimsical, flirty, passionate, and romantic than their older sisters. They’re less ready to settle down and have children. You will get a lot of mileage out of having a youthful outlook. Being recklessly spontaneous, maintaining a high level of energy, and focusing on the emotional connections will go a long way to helping you with dating young women.

To this end, you can’t be emotionally needy when dating young women. For instance, if you were dating a woman near your own age, you would pick up the phone every time she called. You might return her text within 5 minutes. A younger woman doesn’t need this kind of intensity. You can wait to return a text or let a call go to voice mail.

Many men who are dating young women are conscious of the age difference and are insecure about being older. This will actually hasten the break up. Don’t bring up the issue of age unless she does. Also, don’t make cracks about her youth or about “cradle snatching.” Don’t refer to yourself as her “daddy.” When you are unfazed about the age difference, she will be too.

As an older man, you have several advantages over the frat boy guys she is used to dating.

You have more experience. You are interested in things beyond the latest video game release. You make more money and can take her to more upscale places.

You are also more sexually sophisticated. You will know how to satisfy her in bed and be more in tune with her needs.

Men mature more slowly than women, which may be why so many young women look to date older men. They are looking for someone in their same range of emotional development.

Dating young women isn’t just a modern thing either. In every society across all time, there has been a gap in the average age of coupling men and women. While in the United States right now, that gap is a mere 2 years, in many societies that gap ranges from an average of 5 to 15 years.

If you are interested in dating young women be aware that there are challenges posed because of societal expectations and conditioning. However, there are many advantages to dating young women.

Can I Get My Ex Back

Can I Get My Ex Back

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself, and maybe you’’ve even asked friends or family members: Can I get my ex back? No one can answer that question with any certainty. The reason you broke up, how friendly you’’ve stayed and other things all have a lot do with whether or not it’s possible to get back together.

If you’’ve stayed friendly and you haven’’t insulted each other, the chances of you getting back together are better than if things had gotten ugly. But even if the breakup was bad, people can forgive and set aside those hurt feelings if they try hard enough.

When you’’ve asked your friends, “Can I get my ex back?” some of them probably told you that maybe you could. Some might have shouted “No way!” And some probably said they didn’’t know.

Your closest friends probably know a lot about your break up situation, so their thoughts on the matter are important to you. But unless they’’ve broken up with someone and gotten them back, they really don’t know the keys to getting someone back.

They might think you’re foolish when you ask them, “Can I get my ex back?” But maybe they think you shouldn’’t want your ex back in the first place. It’s hard for them to be supportive if you do want your ex back, if they never liked him or her to start with.

Take all the advice you can get, but remember that not all of it is good advice. Beware of any extreme advice, like people telling you that you should just date several people or start another relationship to make your ex jealous.

Jealousy could lead to your ex deciding to let you go, since you give the appearance that you’re already moving on.

When you ask some people, “Can I get my ex back?” they might encourage you to have many casual relationships and to forget about your ex. The decision is yours, but your goal is to not do anything to drive your ex farther away. Your ex finding out that you’’ve slept with one or more people while you’’ve been trying to get them back isn’’t going to help your case.

The only truly honest answer to the question, “Can I get my ex back?” is maybe. To give yourself the best chance of getting back together with your ex, you need to make them miss you. You don’t have to date other people or make them jealous to do that.

Just be the best “you” you can be when you’re around them. We all like to be around pleasant, happy and friendly people. Be a good friend, be positive and helpful. Once you’’ve made it clear you want another chance, trust that your ex knows that and has it on their mind.

Be the best person you can be when you’re around your ex, even if it’s hard. This will help them remember the reasons they fell in love with you in the first place.

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An Insider’s Guide to Computer Dating Services

An Insider’s Guide to Computer Dating Services

Computer dating services have been around for decades, even before the Internet came along. Years ago, these electronic matchmakers used extensive profiles compiled in a dating company’s offices. Some included additional features liked videotaped messages or interviews that were shared with interested singles who turned out to be a match.

Looking back, these computer dating services were considered cutting edge technology. Imagine what it seemed like back in the pre-Web days: you filled out a questionnaire and those answers were fed into a computer, which churned away and finally, after much computing time, spit out a list of potential singles who were the best match for you.

It all seemed so mysterious and technical. In fact, most of those computer dating services more than likely used a very simple matching formula. The “computer” behind the matching was the “hook” or the “draw” that brought paying customers through the door. These days, with the average person being exposed to so much more technology, with computers in basically every single household and high-speed internet connections being the norm, these old-style dating services seem antiquated by modern standards.

So what has become of the old school computer dating service? Well, today they’ve become the modern Web-based dating services. These are now the well known (and perhaps not so well known) online sites you’ve seen advertised so frequently. On the surface, these new style computer dating services mirror the old style services, except instead of reporting to the company’s offices for a matching session, you can enter your information from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, go online in your pajamas if you like and fill out the questions online at any hour of the day or night.

Beyond the basics of how computer dating services work, the matching process has also become more sophisticated. While years ago a simple matching process was sufficient, these days customers expect a greater level of matching prowess, ensuring that the people they are matched with are much more compatible than those they would normally meeting in the offline dating world.

While in the “real world” a dating relationship could well start with an introduction from friends. Followed up with a series of phone calls until the two people involved are comfortable with one another. Whereas, the online dating world starts with an electronic introduction between two singles and then, most often, a series of e-mails form the start of the dating relationship.

Many of today’s singles are too young to remember the old style computer dating services, but they’re certainly very familiar with the singles matching services available online. Today you can expect a very good level of sophistication when the modern systems are matching your profile with other available singles, but remember: the introduction is only the beginning. It’s up to you to take your dating relationship where you want to go.

Dating Latin Women Can Be Extra Sexy

Dating Latin Women Can Be Extra Sexy

Are you interested in Latin women? Dating a Latina requires you to develop a certain cultural sensitivity.

First of all, you should realize that the world south of the American border is a very big place. A woman from Brazil is likely to have different cultural traditions than a woman of Mexican heritage.

Think about it from a European standpoint. Europe is much smaller geographically from Latin America, but the regional differences are stark. You would expect a woman from Russia to have different expectations than a woman from Italy, who in turn would be different from a British woman. Latin America is no different.

Get to know Latin American culture, geography and politics. Know the difference between Uruguay and Paraguay. It also helps if you make an attempt to learn Spanish or Portuguese.

But, don’t think that every Latina speaks the same kind of Spanish. In Mexico, a burrito is a food with beans and rice. In Argentina, it is a little donkey.

If you are interested in Latin women, dating customs may be somewhat different. Latin women are, by and large, Catholic, and may be more traditional and conservative than their white counterparts.

Latin women dating are more likely to take their Catholic faith seriously than white Catholic women. That means, they take the Vatican’s dictates about birth control and other sexual matters quite seriously.

If you are dating a Latina woman, you need to put on your dancing shoes. The Latin American culture is very open to all kinds of dancing, and she will expect you to be able to tear up the floor.

Latin culture is very romantic. You will be expected to romance the Latin woman you are dating. Bring her flowers, pepper her with endearments, and wine and dine her. Put some effort into the relationship and she will reciprocate.

Latinas place strong emphasis on their families. It is not unusual for your girlfriend to be closer to a second cousin than you are to your brother. The extended family has strong roots in the Latin culture, so you will need to expand what your definition of family is.

A Latina may also have more traditional ideas than her white sisters about what men and women’s roles in the family are. They have been raised in a macho culture. Even if they say they want to break this mold, many Latin women dating white men subconsciously expect their dates to fall into this pattern.

If you are with a Latin woman, dating leads to courtship, and courtship leads to marriage. The courtship of a Latin woman involves paying attention to many traditional norms. For instance, a woman of Mexican heritage may expect her man to walk on the street side of the sidewalk when escorting her in order to protect her from the traffic. As you get to know your Latina girlfriend, you will learn the types of things she expects from you.

If you are going to pursue Latin women, dating becomes a multicultural experience. Embrace the richness and variety of the Latin American culture.