Nice Guy Versus The Pick Up Artist

Nice Guy Versus The Pick Up Artist

There are a lot of guys out there that are looking for nothing but a one night stand. These are the guys that pick up those mentally deficient eBooks about being a pick-up artist and think they can get any woman they want. The sad thing is that there are so many of these guys in the world that it basically ruins the chances for an actual nice guy to go out and find a woman that he intends to spend the rest of his life with. These guys basically have no chance because the self-proclaimed pick-up kings have already ruined it for the nice guy.

The difference between a pick-up artist and a nice guy are the same as night and day. The artist will try corny lines and then ignore the woman they are interested in while the nice guy will attempt to buy her a drink. The artist will sit there and talk about all of his accomplishments, most of which are completely made up, while the nice guy is going to be willing to sit and listen to the woman talk about her likes and dislikes. Of course, the nice guy hardly ever gets his chance to do any of this.

Pick-up artists will attempt to get as many women as they possibly can in one night. It’s a lot easier to hit on hundreds of women and get one to go home with you rather than trying to focus on one woman all night long. This means that by the time the nice guy shows up at the bar or club, the women there have already been hit on by every artist in town. After a while, they will get tired of it and shoot down the nice guy before he even attempts to get to know them.

Being a pick-up artist may seem like a great thing for some guys, but the reality is far different from what you might think. Sure, you can have some one night stands here and there, but you are never going to be happy with that in the end. There comes a time when all you really want is someone to talk to and to be with, and when that time comes you aren’t going to be able to find that special woman to share those moments with. That’s mainly because other artists have already helped build the wall around that woman.

So remember this; when it comes time for you to want a relationship, you need to think back to all the weird and annoying things you used to do as a pick-up artist so that you can understand why women want nothing to do with you anymore. It might have been fun while you were younger, but eventually you are going to grow up and realize that you are completely alone and that is never going to change for you. Women want the nice guy and they want the pick-up artist to go away and let the nice guy have a chance one in a while.

The Era Of Ready Made Families

The Era Of Ready Made Families

These days with the divorce rate out of the ball park, you can expect to run into lots of potential dating partners that already have children of their own. Unless you’re in your teens, the probability of dating someone with children is very high. Sometimes, even teens already have at least one child, but that’s an entirely new subject.

What you have to decide when you’re looking for someone to date and possibly form a relationship with is how you feel about the possibility of a readymade family. You may be fine with it, particularly if you like kids and are hoping to have a big family. It can also work out if you love kids but, for some reason, can’t have your own. In that case, it would be a dream come true. You could have the family you always wanted in spite of any personal physical difficulties.

On the other hand, suppose you’re someone that hasn’t really decided if you even want to have children. You’re just starting to get on your feet with your career and you hadn’t exactly planned on being responsible for children until you’re a bit more settled in your life. It was your intention to enjoy some couples’ time with someone before going into all of the serious stuff such as marriage and children. That’s a smart way to think, too, because you may as well face it; children change your life drastically forever. You pretty much need to do as many of the things you always wanted to do early in life and before you commit to having children.

Now, suppose you meet someone that you really like and connect with. You spend some time talking with him and find that you have so many things in common that you feel you’ve met someone that has true potential for a relationship. Then he drops the little bomb on you that he’s divorced and the father of 2 young children. At first, you think well, it won’t be that bad because he probably only has them part of the time. That’s when he further challenges you with the fact that he has primary custody of them and his ex-wife gets visitation. Now what will you do?

That situation can be a tough one because now you really like this guy and he’s thrown you the biggest curve ball he could have. This is a situation that you really need to think through. On the one hand, you know you’re not ready to be a full time mother. But, again, this guy is so nice and you really do connect in a positive way.

It’s a big decision and one that you shouldn’t make lightly. There will definitely be some weighing on either side because you don’t want to make the wrong choice. One more thing to keep in mind, though, is that even if you really do like this man, you’ve just met him so you haven’t had time to truly become attached. If you have some serious doubts about jumping into a readymade family, it may be better to cut your losses before it’s too late.

Countries which have Legalized Divorce

Countries which have Legalized Divorce

In countries which are predominantly Catholic, divorce is not welcomed by the culture which is greatly influenced by religion. For example in the Philippines and Malta, divorce is illegal. Because of the Catholic Church’s influence, a number of countries in Europe like France banned divorce. As a result, people in these locations may seek out other areas in order to get divorced.

Comparing and Contrasting

In countries which have legalized divorce, separating from your spouse may be much simpler than in those where divorce remains illegal. In countries where divorce is illegal and annulment may be the only way of getting out of a problem marriage, matters can get much more complicated.

The process of annulment may take a much longer period of time than the procedure of divorce. Divorce is the termination of a marriage contract. Annulment, on the other hand, deems the marriage null and void, as if one were never married in the first place. This makes couples think twice before considering the final step of annulment. But this can have its pros and cons.

Culture and Divorce

Most of the time, a woman may even stay in an abusive relationship for a long period just because of the culture’s view on separation. This is exactly where countries which have legalized divorce have the upper hand. In these cultures, getting out of any kind of abusive relationship as soon as possible is emphasized greatly. Looking at it this way, divorce becomes a tool for saving those spouses in detrimental marriages. But divorce itself may also be abused.

Marriage is a serious decision for anyone and it should not be taken lightly with the thought that one may just as easily get a divorce.

Debate upon the ease in which a couple may get divorced in some cultures has also long been discussed. The “Las Vegas” ease of tying the knot and just as easily cutting it off has been highly criticized by conservative cultures.

Getting married for a couple of hours just for the feel of it and then getting divorced soon after in just the same hurry is a clear example of how divorce can be abused.

It’s Me Or The Dog

It’s Me Or The Dog

How many times have you heard the phrase “It’s me or the dog?” Most of the time it’s said in a joking manner, but there are those occasions that when these words are uttered, they’re totally serious. It may not be such a big deal unless it’s someone that you’re hoping to have a romantic relationship. Seriously, you can say “Ok, bye” to your friend, your brother, sister or even a parent. But when it comes to someone that you’re attracted to and want to go further with, it’s a lot more difficult to just wave goodbye.

Obviously, if you’ve got a pet, then you love animals. This is a very good quality in you. People that love animals are generally very good people. Taking that into consideration, turn that thinking in another direction. What does the fact that your person of interest doesn’t like animals say about him? Doesn’t it make you feel as if you should be looking at him a bit more closely? If someone has no love for animals, there’s usually a very huge hole within them somewhere.

Take a very close look at this person that seems to hate your pet. How does your pet react around him? Animals are pretty good at picking up on whether or not people like them. If your pet is somewhat hostile to your new friend, there’s probably a reason. However, on the other hand, if this guy keeps claiming that he doesn’t like dogs, for instance, but your dog keeps trying to sit on his lap and lick his face, chances are that this guy is trying to sell you a bill of goods. In this instance, the more time that your dog and your man spend together, they will most likely become fast friends before you know it.

You also have to consider that if your man is telling you that he LOVES dogs but all your dog wants to do is bite him and growl at him, you need to consider that he just might be lying to you. Also, if he’s lying to you about that, then what else might he be lying to you about? Your dog could be protecting you from getting involved with a less than savory character.

In the end, though, you’re the only one that can decide if you want to throw over your loyal pet in favor of a new guy that may or may not work out. Before you make the rash choice to take your once beloved pet to the pound, consider what a great companion he has been to you. He’s probably outlasted several boyfriends already, and he just might have outlasted this one, too. Think it all through very carefully because there are not guarantees that this guy is going to be “the one.” Even if he does have potential, just how much could you possibly have in common with someone that isn’t going to allow you to have a pet if you’re going to be with him? Don’t be shocked if he brings home a pet snake one day. That’s when you’ll know that you probably should have kept your dog.

There Are Ways To Lead Her Back Getting Back An Ex-Girlfriend

There Are Ways To Lead Her Back Getting Back An Ex-Girlfriend

If you find there’s a certain ex that’s been on your mind a lot lately, don’t give up hope that she won’t one day be yours again. There are a few steps you can take to grabbing her attention and winning her affections once more. As long as you truly desire her, the possibilities are endless.

The first thing you want to do is take some time to think about your relationship with that girl. What went wrong? What drove her away? If you can’t really figure things out, ask some friends what they thought about the relationship. Your friends may also have some advice about getting her back. You always want your first step to be the thinking period. Whenever you identify the problems of the relationship the first time around, you’re free to remedy them this time.

The next thing to do is get to know her better. Learn more about her. Explore her interests. Talk to her if you can. Get onto her brain wave and really try to understand the things she enjoys. It will tell you a lot about her, including the kind of man she wants you to be. This step may take a while, but if you really want her, it’s worth the time invested.

The 3rd thing is to change. Things didn’t work out with you two the way they were before, assuming you were yourself. So why try the same thing expecting different results? You should n ever fashion yourself against your own will. Make sure that everything that you’re doing is what you want to do. The things you are changing are making you better. If you conform to a niche that you don’t understand or even like, you are doomed for another failed relationship.
If you want to win her back without having to drastically alter yourself, it could be as easy as finding her type of “bad boy.” Every girl has the perfect dream man. Then she has his evil twin. If you can’t be Mr. Nice, then maybe you should be the more devilish fantasy.

One thing you can count on that will appeal to all women is confidence. No one wants to be stuck on a date with a wallflower. If you are nothing but quiet and dull, most women would lose interest pretty fast. So whether you choose to embrace her perfect dream man, or her slightly darker desires, you must be outspoken. It’s not to say you should talk her ear off, but most girls like men that can hold an intelligent conversation, flatter them, and fluster them all at once. A quick mind is a sexy mind.

The last thing to peak her interest, of course, would be a nice body. This entails whatever body type she prefers. Whether it’s hefty, chiseled, or skinny, every girl has a preference. And even if you like your body as it is, note that personal hygiene never hurts.