Write Your Own Great Love Story

Write Your Own Great Love Story

Unless you’ve been living your life under rock, you’ve heard about such couples as Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Lancelot and Guinevere, and Mark Antony and Cleopatra. These are some of the greatest love stories of all time. The love and passion of these couples may have colored the expectations of women throughout the years when it comes to their own relationships. That’s a terrible mistake, though.

To begin with, look at the way these relationships ended. They all had very tragic consequences to be suffered and none of them got their happily ever after ending. That should be the number one reason that you don’t look to these couples as examples of how relationships should be. Yes, they were all very passionate love affairs, but the events got all twisted and resulted in death at the end, and not just the death of the relationships. These couples either died from grief or killed themselves. Now, seriously, just how happy do those relationships sound?

What you want to do with your relationship is to not compare it to those “great love stories.” You want to write your own love story and make it even greater than those you’ve read and heard about. Real love stories can be just as passionate and romantic as the great ones, but you can have an actual happy ending. All you have to do is live in the present and look forward to the future. Don’t dwell on things that may have gone wrong in the past or may have been what you thought was perfection. Nothing is perfect, not ever, and you need to also understand that if you’re going to have your own great love story.

Romance doesn’t have to be tragic to be meaningful. Go with your feelings but also inject a bit of common sense and realism into your relationship. Those great love stories also had an element of insanity in them, and you’ll see this if you read them carefully. You can have all the romance in your relationship that you can handle. All you need to do is be with the right person. The relationship you have can be a happy one, and that happiness doesn’t need to be fleeting, like in those great love stories. You can have happiness in your relationship all the time. Just make the right choices.

You’ll notice a common theme in these stories is that one or both lovers belonged to someone else, whether through marriage or betrothal. Everyone knows that getting involved with someone that’s already attached is a bad idea, and if you don’t believe that, then you’re a very naïve person. You’re also not very serious about having a true happy relationship. Most likely, you want to feel that passion of the forbidden even though it won’t end well and certainly not in your favor.

Think clearly about the choices you make when it comes to love and romance. In the end, you can simply write your own great love story and it will better than anything you’ve ever read or seen on the big screen.

Should I Tell Him His Fly’s Open On A First Date

Should I Tell Him His Fly’s Open On A First Date

Everyone has those embarrassing moments in life. You simply can’t get around it. You know, like those times when your date’s fly is open and you’re not sure if you should say anything or not. This one can actually be a bit tricky when you think about it. Say it’s your first date with this guy. Do you really want to tell him something quite as personal as this when you don’t even know him all that well? Will he appreciate it if you do say something? Is it right for you to let him go around everywhere that evening on your date with his fly open?

One of the things that you should go by when trying to resolve this dilemma is what sort of guy you’re dating. If he’s laid back and has a great sense of humor, you’re probably going to be fine in telling him that his fly is open. In fact, you’ll both probably have a great laugh about it. On the other hand, if the guy’s a bit shy or something, you probably want to find a different way to let him know that he needs to zip up his fly. However, no matter what you do, he’s probably going to die of embarrassment and you may never see him again.

Another one of those first date embarrassing moments is when your date has something huge and green caught between his front teeth. Do you say something or do you just let it go and hope he notices it on his own, eventually? Again, this is going to depend on the guy’s personality. Consider if it was you in that situation. Would you want to be told by a new date? Proceed accordingly when you think about it.

Then, there’s that perfectly natural, yet perfectly humiliating event of passing gas. Men typically don’t mind doing this in front of anyone, even new women that they’re dating. In fact, some of them will even call attention to it just in case you missed it and make raucous jokes about it. Obviously, these men aren’t going to mind if you discreetly cover your nose and mouth with your hand or napkin. Suppose you’re dating a man that’s rather self-conscious about things and he erupts loudly during dinner. Do you just keep talking and pretend that you didn’t hear the minor volcanic explosion? Do you giggle a little and make some cute remark, whatever that might be? This one is where you should simply follow his lead as there’s really no graceful way to get around it.

Yes, first dates can be very exciting and fun. They can also present some rather comical and embarrassing situations. You just have to figure out what you’re going to do if any of these happen to turn up on your first date with this guy. In the end, if you have doubts as to how to handle it, go along with the way the guy wants to deal with it. That seems to be the best answer.

Divorce Advice, Where Can You Turn?

Divorce Advice, Where Can You Turn?

Divorce is such a nasty thing and people should hate the destruction and harm that it does to everyone involved. The problem is that even people that hate it become victims of it inevitably. So there needs to be a source of divorce advice for those that are not using it selfishly as a way to “legitimately” escape a relationship for purely selfish reasons. Reasons like desiring more sexual conquest, or escape from something hard like a terminal illness in a spouse, or bad financial luck in a spouse, or simply lack of loyalty, and unwillingness to put in the effort that the normal hard work that a relationship takes.

People should not be rewarded for pettiness, selfishness, greed, shallow hearts, laziness, lust, deceit, and on and on. Therefore there needs to be divorce advice for both holding these people accountable and for protecting the people that are victimized by the cruelty of some. At this time advice that does these things is sadly very rare, and this is part of the reason why divorce is so rampant in today’s society.

When you think of victims most of the time your mind pictures a poor helpless middle-aged mother who has been abandoned by an evil “player” husband for a younger and less “used” woman. This victim chose out of love and loyalty to forgo the chance to better herself with an education and career to love and raise their children and bears the scars of this sacrifice literally and figuratively. While these scars of sacrifice should make her more sexy to a man who can see and understand what a gift to him they are, they do just the opposite, and he takes off. This is common and these women need good sound divorce advice for protection and to preserve their future.

Presently however this is becoming less and less typical now the opposite is true. The man who is loyal and working hard to raise his kids and provide for his family is the unattractive and boring one who gets dropped like a bad habit for a more exciting and dangerous man. These men, because this is a relatively new phenomena made possible in large part by the women’s liberation movement (which had its good points, don’t get me wrong), are in desperate need of good divorce advice because they find it harder to convince judges of their plight.

The good news is that good divorce is there to find for whatever case you may find yourself in. It is becoming more common too as the demand gets greater sadly. So there is hope you just need to do your homework and you will recover from this terrible time.

3 Signs Of A Cheating Sweetheart

Do you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you? One of the best methods to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you is to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Using hidden camera devices and hidden audio recording equipment might be an excellent way to obtain the evidence you need. Did you know that many of the ladies who cheat leave numerous signs along the way? To help get you started here are 3 signs that your girlfriend might be cheating on you.

1– Your Girlfriend Has Changed Her Appearance

Has your girlfriend recently changed her look? Did she start using contacts instead of glasses? Has she began showing even more skin? If so, she might be cheating on you or she might wish to start cheating on you soon. This is because modifications in look are typically made to impress someone. If that individual is not you, it will likely be another individual.

2– Your Girlfriend Stops Hanging Out With You

In the past, did you and your girlfriend invest a great deal of time together? Did you take pleasure in hanging out with her good friends, going to films, or going to celebrations together? Are those days gone? If so, your relationship might be over and your girlfriend might be cheating on you.

It is also essential to examine the good friends of your girlfriend. Do they act different around you? Do you still hangout with them as a group, like as much as in the begining? If not, your girlfriend is likely trying to keep her new charming interest a secret. When ladies try to juggle several relationships, they typically trust in their good friends. Keeping you far from those good friends might be a defense mechanism.

3– A Rude Attitude

Did you know that some ladies will look to start a new relationship without even breaking up with their boyfriend, like you? Some will certainly do this just to be mean. If your girlfriend flaunts her new relationship or if she is disrespectful to you, it is time for you to move on.

Weddings On A Shoe String Budget

Weddings On A Shoe String Budget

Weddings are a huge money making business these days. It’s become almost impossible to have the wedding of your dreams unless you’re from one of the wealthiest families in the world, a celebrity or royalty. Most ordinary people either have to save for a very long time or they have to take out a loan. However, even if you’re on the lower end of the financial totem pole, there’s a way to have a very nice wedding in an affordable fashion.

These could actually be called DIY weddings because you’ll be doing most of the work yourself. Start with the size of the wedding. You may want to limit the number of guests that you invite due to various other aspects of the wedding. Once you and your fiance agree on a number, stick to it. Too many people get caught up in the moment and spontaneously invite people. Just remember that this is a special day you’ll want to spend with those people that you feel closest to. It’s not a time to repay social obligations.

Decide on your location. This can be totally free if you happen to have a nice back yard or a home with enough space to hold the wedding. If you don’t have either of these things, personally, a relative or good friend may allow you to hold your wedding at their home. There are many community parks where you can gather to have the wedding itself and go to another location for the reception. Just look around to see what’’s available.

 Invitations can be made on your computer and printed out. The only thing you’ll need to pay for are paper, envelopes, printer ink, and postage. This is a lot simpler than it may seem, especially with the numerous choices in colored and textured paper that you can buy. You get to use your imagination and design your own invitations.

The reception can be as cheap as it needs to be. Many couples are now going the route of wedding cupcakes rather than an elaborate several tiered cake. In fact, you and friends can make these cupcakes yourself. There will be only a one layer cake needed as the topper and you can freeze this one to have on your first wedding anniversary. The cupcakes will be for everyone to eat and enjoy. If you want to have other things to eat, this is also something you and your friends can put together. Keep it simple with such things as finger sandwiches, salad, and anything that’s inexpensive, tasty and easy to put together.

Your dress may be one of your biggest expenses but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Look around in high end thrift stores and discount stores. Many times you can find an appropriate dress that you’ll love for just a fraction of the price of a brand new gown. Another option is to make your dress or have a talented friend make it. This is a cost saving but beautiful solution.

Flowers can be as simple as freshly cut ones from a garden. You can also buy pretty bouquets in grocery stores on the day of the wedding. They’ll look fresh and lovely.

As you can see, there are many ways to cut the costs of a lovely wedding. Once you get started, you’ll probably find more on your own.