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Your relationship is in trouble – and you’ve lost your Ex. Or your relationship is spinning out of control and you fear losing the one you love

There is hope to fix your relationship and get back with your ex or win back the one you love.

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My name is Blake Wilson and If you’ve found this site you’ve probably experienced a painful relationship problem – either a breakup, separation or a relationship that’s hanging by a thread.

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5 Ways To Instantly Fix A Relationship And Win Back Your The One You Love

5 Ways To Instantly Fix A Relationship And Win Back Your The One You Love

Broken relationships hurt. There’s just no way of getting away from that. And it’s true no matter which side you’re on.

Of course it’s much more devastating if things fell apart … and you still love your EX … and still ache for them and want them back.

And that is what this article is about.

If you’ve ever experienced a painful relationship problem – either a breakup, separation or a relationship that’s hanging by a thread – then this article may be a most welcome resource. In this article you’ll discover five ways to repair your relationship and win back your ‘Ex” (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner).

So let’s start out by looking at the top reasons relationships fail. And this will give us a starting point for fixing your relationship and getting things back on track. This will also give some insights into how you can win back your Ex.

* Cheating and infidelity – This is probably the biggest blunder someone can make in a relationship. If you have strayed – then you must work to rebuild the lost trust that was damaged.

* Underappreciating / Taking for granted – It’s easy after you’ve been in a relationship for a while to settle into a rut. However you must remember that everyone (even you) wants to be appreciated and made to feel special at time. So do it!

* Communication and honesty issues – most people I know are not psychic and don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s important to have open lines of communication in a healthy relationship. If something is bothering you it’s important to be able to share it with your loved one. Being in a bad mood and saying “nothing’s wrong” when asked is frustrating for both of you.

* Jealousy is really an act of insecurity. If you can’t or don’t trust your partner … and you see “demons” around every corner … then you may have to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Jealousy (notice the word “louse” in there) makes it hard for people to live their lives and creates heaps of tension in a relationship.

* Inflexibility – relationship are two way streets. Each person must be willing to give and take – AND accept the other person for who they. It’s impossible to have a healthy and loving relationship when you’re trying to force your partner into becoming someone they are not.

Do you see anything in this list that may have had an impact on your relationship? Try to be as open-minded and honest with yourself here – because there’s no benefit from ignoring the facts.

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100 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

100 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Have you considered making a list of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend? Just making such a list can shed light on your relationship. You probably will start to delve into what you want to know about him, but never really thought to ask. You will also think of questions that are pretty zany. Still, making a list of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend can be helpful in furthering your relationship.

Remember that guys don’t like to “chat” as much as we gals do. So, don’t be annoyed if he doesn’t want to answer all 100 in one sitting. But asking 4 or 5 on each date can elicit the kinds of responses you want. Alternatively, send him one question by email or text each day and let him respond that way.

What should be on your list of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend? One of the primary issues is his background. Asking questions like where his parents met, when his ancestors came to the United States, his parents’ occupations, what his relationship with his siblings are can all provide valuable information on how he views family life.

Money may be a tough issue to bring up directly, but in your 100 questions to ask your boyfriend, you can approach the issue indirectly. Ask him how his parents viewed money, whether he would rather have a high paying job with low satisfaction or a low paying job with high satisfaction. Query him on his feelings toward charitable contributions. Ask whether he would rather have a lot of stuff or a full bank account.

You can also ask him about his career. Ask him about his college major, his plans for graduate and professional school, his feelings on the relationship between education and getting a job. Ask what his favorite and least favorite jobs he’s ever held were. Ask him to tell you the job he has the most and the least respect for.

Think about the future when you formulate the 100 questions to ask your boyfriend. For instance, how many children would he like to have? What is his approach to discipline? What kind of education – public, private, or home school – he sees his children having.

You should also ask lifestyle questions. Where would he most like to travel? What one experience would he most like to have? Does he have an appreciation for any type of art? How often does he like to spend time with the guys? How much and how often does he drink?

If you are serious about the guy, sexual issues should make up some of the 100 questions to ask your boyfriend. For instance, how many sexual partners has he had? Has he ever had a sexually transmitted disease? Does he believe in monogamy? How does he feel about porn? Are there any sex acts that make him uncomfortable?

The point of the 100 questions to ask your boyfriend is to open the dialogue in your relationship. As you begin to ask and answer these personal questions, you get a sense of whether this relationship is destined to work over the long run. That’s the value of the questions.

3 Failproof Methods To Fix A Relationship

The fact that your relationship has broken up does not necessarily mean that you wont want anything to do with your ex. In fact, you may be considering how you can fix a relationship so that you can get back together again. This is something that can pose a great challenge to you if you do not know how to go about it. However, the ability to fix a relationship is within your hands.

What you need is to be guided in the right path for success.

Your relationship may break or be at the brink of collapse against your wish. It will then be necessary for you to know how to fix a relationship in order to reverse the situation. Here are some of the important considerations.

Take it slowly

When you want to fix a relationship, you should avoid taking things too fast. If you are hasty, you risk driving your ex further away.

Take little steps that are not threatening or overwhelming and give time for the rebuilding of trust.

Make a fresh start

Try to travel back in time, as it were, and bring back the feelings you had for your ex during the beginning of your relationship. This will help you to make proper adjustments in your attitude.

Think of the things that your ex really enjoys – things that are bound to re-awaken the passion.

Bury the past

The fact that you start from the beginning does not mean that you will bring the past into your present circumstances. When you keep bringing the past, you will just muddy the water, making it more difficult to reconcile. You should learn from your previous relationship without trying to re-live it.

Be fair

You should remember that there are high and low periods in a relationship. In case you lash out unfairly at your partner during times of conflict, you will jeopardize the chances of reconciliation.

If you would like to fix a relationship, you should have a fair fight in the first place. Otherwise your partner may use your unfairness against you when you would like to make things up. In fact, you will make it very difficult for your partner to forget the past when you fight dirty.

It is a good idea to take time and learn how to fix a relationship even when yours is still great. Things change, and you should be prepared in case you face this bitter experience. What’s more, the skills will help you to avert a break up in the first place. You should learn the appropriate steps that will help you to have a great relationship.

Knowing How To Fix A Broken Marriage

Knowing how to fix a broken marriage may be easier than you think. There are a few basic guidelines that must be adhered to. Any bond of true significance requires particular attention to a few specific areas. These areas are as basic and common as the air that we breathe and yet they are often ignored and allowed to become core components that destroy a healthy relationship.

Marriage planning is essential to success. Never go into a marriage without anticipating the issues that most certainly will arise in the future. This includes discussions about money, educational pursuit or desire for employment. The act of falling in love is a beautiful thing but unless you prepare a sound foundation to protect that emotion you are leaving yourself open for negative consequences. The conclusion here is simply that the best way to avoid a broken marriage is by preparing against it.

However if you did not plan for success then you will need to know how to fix a broken marriage when it occurs. That brings us back to those basic principles that form the solid foundation in any relationship. It begins with communication. You should never take the attitude that you do not wish to talk about your problems. Hiding your head in the sand or acting like the problems do not exist will only make things worse. For better or worse always keep the lines of communication open.

Another very important principle to follow if you want to know how to fix a broken marriage is the ability to listen. Not only should you talk with your partner but you should also listen to what they say. Truly care about your partner’s feelings and make an attempt to work out your issues. Think hard about the marriage vows you took and what they meant to you. Tackle your broken marriage with the same vigor in which you entered it. Never be afraid to say you’re sorry. Always be prepared to compromise for the better of the bond. Follow these simple guidelines in everyday life and they will help you to fix a broken marriage. In addition, never rule out professional help to fix your broken marriage as well.