How You Can Start Dating Beautiful Women

How You Can Start Dating Beautiful Women

Let’s face it, men like dating beautiful women. I don’t think anyone would dispute the notion that most men are attracted to healthy, fit, and beautiful women. Having a stunningly gorgeous woman on his arm is a huge boost to the male ego, particularly when a man’s friends and acquaintances have an obviously positive reaction to his date. So how can a guy, even an average guy, have more success in dating very attractive women?

Dave is what you’d probably consider just an average guy. He’s not extraordinarily good looking, and he certainly isn’t rich. But Dave is the envy of his friends because in recent years he’s managed to date a series of extremely attractive women. Dave says he’s learned a lot about dating beautiful women and he’s the better man for it. “I used to think that I didn’t have a chance with a really hot female,” Dave recounted. “I used to be afraid to approach them at all. I just knew that I was going to get shot down in flames. I was paralyzed, really… paralyzed with fear”.

So how did Dave overcome his nerves and begin to find more attractive women to date? He says there’s a lot of things the average guy has to overcome to hook up with the most gorgeous girls, but the biggest one is the fear of failure. Dave says men have to let that fear go before they have any chance to land the most beautiful women to date. The key to dating beautiful women is to first change the way you look at yourself.

“I had to allow myself to fail,” Dave said. “One day I saw this guy I knew from work out on a date with an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous woman. He made less money than me, and he certainly wasn’t any better looking. But when I saw those two together, I realized that that there was something about his approach that was different than mine. I decided that it must be that he wasn’t afraid to take a chance despite the fact that he might get turned down”.

Dave says that it was than that he resolved to change his approach. Instead of worrying about being turned down by a gorgeous woman, he decided that he would accept each failure as one step closer to success. When dating beautiful women, our Dave decided that it was simply a numbers game. The more women he asked out, the more chances he had of getting a “yes”.

“My new outlook changed my life,” Dave explained. “I decided that I wasn’t going to be afraid. I convinced myself that if I had to ask five hot girls for a date before I would get one, then I could better accept getting turned down. If I saw a gorgeous girl and asked her out and got a no, then that meant I only needed three more no’s before I’d get that yes. And now, here I am, dating beautiful women and enjoying my life like never before”.

Help Save Marriage

Help Save Marriage – Why Pastoral Counseling is Superior to a Secular Therapist

Help save marriage from the secular therapists who call themselves “Marriage and Family Counselors.” These professionals, who generally have a master’s degree in psychology have a misleading license. You would think from their titles that they are specialists to help save marriage, but when you find out what they are really trained in, you see that it is in individual therapy.

Look at the coursework required for a Marriage and Family Counselor’s License. They take classes like “individual assessment,” “group dynamics” and “multicultural counseling.” These courses are aimed at mental health challenges focusing on the individual. Marriage counseling courses, when offered, are an elective.

When they take that individual-orientation training and apply it to a married couple who says “help, save marriage,” the model fails. Often the first thing the therapist will do is send the parties to individual counseling to deal with their personal mental health issues.

This can often drive a feuding couple further apart. As separate counselors reinforce individual needs and desires over the joint needs of the relationship, the marriage disintegrates further.

So, what can you do if you want to save your marriage? You know you need professional intervention to help you communicate better and work through existing relationship problems.

Perhaps the best person to help you is your pastor. Clergy have a vested interest in preserving marriage as a sacrament. While many ministers will advise someone in an abusive situation to get out, their initial reaction is to help save marriage in general and yours in particular.

Pastoral counseling integrates psychological theory and biblical principles. The emotional and spiritual journey is seen as intertwined.

If you attend a church or place of worship regularly, you can contact the office and ask for an appointment for pastoral counseling to help save marriage.

If you don’t attend a church already, you can look for pastoral counseling at a local church. Churches tend to have an outreach to the community mission and most are open to providing services to all who ask.

Large churches, especially the so-called “megachurches” will have a special pastoral counseling staff. However, if you choose a smaller church, you will probably get attention from a senior pastor.

In either case, when you really want to help save marriage, turn to pastoral counseling rather than secular marriage counseling.

Traditional individually oriented therapy, when turned to marriage counseling, focuses on “communication skills” and “problem solving strategies.” Tackling marriage problems this way can actually stress the partners out more.

Biblically based counseling, on the other hand, can help you solve your problems in the way God intended.

If you are saying, “help, save marriage,” contact a pastor to get the real kind of marriage counseling you need.

Facing the Challenege of College Dating

Facing the Challenege of College Dating

What’s so challenging about college dating? Let’s take a look at this important period of change in a person’s life.

Students facing the transition from high school to college are likely facing the biggest challenge they’ve ever had to face. Expectations are raised, both for themselves and from others. Moving on to college means moving on to a new level of academic performance. It’s the time when most of us move beyond being a not so serious teenager to a very serious adult who is focused on furthering their education and planning for their future. Not only are we expected to think more seriously about ourselves, but at the same time many of us find that we’re leaving behind some of the relationships we’ve formed throughout our earlier school years. Best friends, acquaintences, team members, and even boyfriends and girlfriends are sometimes left behind as we move onto the next important stage in our lives and maturity.

So how difficult is it to handle this serious emotional, physical, academic, and personal change? College life can be intimidating, particularly for those who decide to attend school away from home. Moving away means not only losing the relationships they’ve grown comfortable with for so many years, but in many cases losing the emotional support system their family has been for them through their younger years. All aspects of college life may be completely foreign to the new college student, and college dating only complicates matters. Why? Because at times many outgoing and engaing young people who had no problem creating dating relationships in high school may be intimidated by the prospect of dating a new “class” of potential partner.

The thing to remember about college dating is that one shouldn’t approach it as such a serious process. There is plenty of “serious” stuff going on in your transition from high school teen to college adult, so to put too much emphasis on being serious about a relationship is not what college dating should be about. Try and approach college dating as a way to share the college experience with someone who shares similar interests and preferences. Seek out dating relationships with classmates who are studying the same classes or are on the same degree track. In this way, you can be sure that your comfort level is established prior to beginning the formal dating process.

College dating doesn’t have to be difficult. A new college student already faces enough of a challenge in this very important stage in their lives, so being too serious about their approach to dating shouldn’t overwhelm them. There’s plenty of time to be serious about a partner, but if a casual college dating relationship grows on its own into something more substantial, then at least it will come as a result of a natural process rather than an unnecessary focus on being overly serious.

The Secrets of Dating Black Women

The Secrets of Dating Black Women

Men who are interested in dating black women may find that they have to challenge the commonly held notions about what such a relationship. Recent census figures indicate that in the United States, there are about roughly 7 eligible black men for every 10 single black women.

From the black male perspective, this large disparity looks like a very enticing proposition, providing them with a wide variety and range of potential partners among black women. But from the black female perspective, it means that due to this shortfall of available black men, dating within their own race creates an even larger challenge. Because of this, many African-American women are finding that interracial dating is growing as an attractive means for finding a mate.

Attitudes among society as a whole are very often slow to change. This can be even more true when issues of race are involved. At times, society can be unforgiving of or scornful toward non-traditional relationships, in particular relationships that appear to openly attempt to break down the barriers of stereotype. However, as society slowly becomes more accepting, we should be encouraged because there are signs that things are changing, particularly when considering the prospect of dating black women.

Once considered a taboo, interracial dating is enjoying a recent surge. Some of that increase in popularity is no doubt due to the shortage of eligible black men, but it must also be supported by a change in attitude among those who are seeking a committed relationship. Not just society’s perception is in question, rather the perceptions of those themselves who are dating and involved in such relationships must change in to support the acceptance of interracial dating.

Specifically, men of other races dating black women must be willing to accept that not only will such a relationship be challenged by society, but the challenges will extend to the woman herself. No doubt at times she will find herself conflicted over the desire to maintain a relationship with a man of another race and with supporting the values of women of her own heritage.

As difficult as it may be, the man who chooses dating black women over dating a woman of his own race must be able to put aside years of unhealthy attitudes. Thanks to more modern thinking, this is isn’t nearly as big a problem for younger men. For older men who grew up in an environment that was less accepting of mixed couples, the challenge can be difficult and, at times, downright overwhelming.

Black women of today are becoming much more aggressive about seeking out relationships outside their own race, and the disparity of single black men to single black women is one of the big drivers of that attitude. Men who are interested in dating black women need to understand and appreciate the wonderful complexities that make up their potential partner.

The Leap of Faith into Christian Singles Dating

The Leap of Faith into Christian Singles Dating

For devout Christians, entering the dating scene can often be a confusing and sometimes unsettling experience. Let’s face it, there are lots of things for the average dater to be concerned about when trying to find a suitable partner, but when it comes to Christian singles dating, matters can become even more complicated. Despite being interested in establishing a long-term relationship with another like minded person, some Christians are afraid to barely even dip their toes into the dating pool. For some, the fear that “it can be a jungle out there” is a concern that paralyzes them, but that too common fear is more than likely largely unfounded. While advances in technology such as online matchmaking services have made the dating experience more convenient and efficient for many people, when it comes to Christian singles dating, tradition cannot be overlooked as a factor in a single person’s attitudes toward meeting other like minded singles.

It can be difficult to put aside religious convictions when venturing out into the dating world, but in fact it isn’t at all necessary. For most devout Christians, finding a person of similar religious beliefs is important because so much of their makeup is based on the way they were raised or taught. A strong religious foundation more than likely comes with a strong family presence and influence, so Christian singles dating other singles will likely find themselves having to satisfy their own attraction as well as satisfying their family’s expectations of who they choose in a mate. Of course, if dating another Christian single, those expectations are likely shared, or at the very least well understood.

Religious upbringing can be looked upon as both a positive and a negative when it comes to dating.

From the positive side, a person with a strong religious foundation is likely to be grounded and firm in how they approach the world and issues they face along the way. Their faith provides a strong base from which they’ve grown their values and morals. Christian singles dating programs certainly exist online as well as offline, and many single Christians choose to explore their dating options through the help of technology. However, many Christians still rely on the old traditional ways to meet other singles. That means their local church and church groups may be their primary way of meeting other Christian singles.

Conversely, those who are uncompromising in their Christian beliefs can, at times, be considered uncompromising or inflexible. That means that they may be considered too picky by some who don’t understand just how important their religious beliefs are in establishing the person who they’ve become. In a nutshell, Christian singles dating options may be narrower than the general dating population, but that doesn’t mean the quality of dating prospect is any less. In fact, Christian singles dating within their own set of beliefs may find that their relationships have a richness that others don’t have the pleasure of experiencing.