Pregnant by the Fighter (Powerful in the Ring, Potent in the Bedroom)

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One boxer's trash is another boxer's lover. But will Grace follow her head… or the spot between her legs?

Boxer Jack is finally going to make it. He's going up against his biggest oponent yet, and he knows he's going to win.
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Use Breakup Quotes To Heel Your Heartbreak

Use Breakup Quotes To Heel Your Heartbreak

Love conquers all. However, not all kinds of love endure for a lifetime. Love for your neighbors can sometimes be an impossibility. Romantic love, on the other hand, is the most exciting love that a person can feel. It can change the whole word of the two people in love with each other as they enter into a relationship. Unfortunately, this kind of love is the one that has the highest possibility of vanishing, and can be the most painful when it does disappear.

If your relationship has taken a turn for the worse and has ended, then perhaps comforting words will help you. One good way to get over your breakup is to read some breakup quotes. These quotes may help heal your heart that has been shattered from your breakup. Breakup quotes can be a great source of healing, and can help you to move on.

Here are some breakup quotes and analysis of the quotes.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

It is normal to feel a pang of pain after a breakup. Pain is a feeling that comes involuntarily and you can’t do anything to stop it. However, just like any other feeling, including love, pain also comes and goes as time moves on. Just because you’re in pain, doesn’t mean you have to suffer. If you insist on holding onto your suffering and don’t let it go, you are throwing your life away.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

There is a reason for sure why the relationship is now over. Perhaps the guy is a jerk. Maybe the girl put her own needs over his. Or maybe, one person found out that the other was cheating and kept on giving lousy promises. Breakup quotes, like the one above, demonstrate why it is important to not dwell on the negativity of the past. The important thing to remember is that you were capable of falling in love. You shared some good times. However, for whatever reason, it’s over now. There’s no reason why you can’t find someone else to fall in love with and share new good times with.

“Nothing hurts more than realizing they meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to them.”

Breakup quotes like this one, are handy because most of the time in relationships; one person always cares more about the other person. If you put your everything into the relationship but got very little out of it, and they wind up breaking up with you, don’t be sad. Think about the above quote.

While this kind of truth hurts the most; would you really want to spend one more second in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about you the way you care about them? If someone broke up with you who didn’t care as much for you as you did them, it may be painful, but think of it more as they did you a favor. Now you’ll have the chance to find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated and reciprocate the effort and love you put into a relationship.

When looking for breakup quotes, it’s important to find ones that will help you to feel better and allow you to move on. Don’t dwell on breakup quotes that only make you sad. When you find breakup quotes that help you feel better, you should print them out and hang them up in places where you will see them regularly.

That way when you start to feel sad or down about your breakup, you’ll be able to look at your breakup quotes and be able to reflect on them and they will help you feel better.

The Children Are Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships

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In The Children Are Free, Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley offer a comprehensive yet easy-to-read examination of the biblical evidence regarding loving same-sex relationships and God's attitude toward them.

In Chapter One, the authors lead the reader through a discussion of each of the six passages traditionally used against gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. They demonstrate how an anti-gay interpretation is a misapplication of these scriptures.
In Chapter Two, Miner and Connoley turn our attention to the biblical stories and passages that affirm loving same-sex relationships. Did you know Jesus once met a gay person? Jesus' loving response is just one of the well-researched stories presented in this chapter.
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Proven Ways of Mending a Broken Heart

Proven Ways of Mending a Broken Heart

The best part about being a human, is the ability to actually deeply care about and love someone. To be in love is probably one of the greatest emotions we can experience. When you’re in a relationship and everything is going well, it’s sometimes easy to take the relationship for granted. Unfortunately, relationships, even the ones you thought were going smoothly, can come to an abrupt end. While truly caring about someone and loving them is great and a source of pleasure, when the relationship is over it can be a huge source of pain, sorrow, and a broken heart. If the break up is recent, you may not believe it, but there are things you can do to begin mending a broken heart.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, potion, lotion, or method for instantly mending a broken heart. It is imperative that you understand this. After a break up, there will be times when your emotions are going to be up, down, sideways, diagonal, and every other way, but right.

In fact, you’ll probably experience combinations of emotions you never thought possible. One example is anger and sadness mixed together. You’ll find that sometimes your emotions can change at the drop of a hat. You’ll be feeling fine, laughing one minute, the next you’ll be really sad, even crying. The most important thing you have to realize is that it all seems bleak and dark now. However, as time presses on, things will get better.

It is critical that you try to reign in your emotions. Does this mean you should bottle up your emotions? No, absolutely not. However, it does mean that you shouldn’t let your sadness, anger, depression, or any other emotion control you for long periods of time. If you’re feeling sad, allow yourself to have a “pity party” for a maximum of 15 minutes. Then, say to yourself “Okay, that’s enough. It’s time to stop.

Mending a broken heart is also going to require you to try and stay busy. If you give your mind a lot of idle time to think, it will probably want to think about your break up. This isn’t good. Try to keep your mind and body active. You probably won’t feel like doing this very much, but its important. Go somewhere, do something, try to drag friends along. Tell them to not let you talk about the break up. Try not to sit around the house and do nothing. That’s the worst thing you can do.

Falling in love is usually the easy part. Mending a broken heart is not. That’s just one of the cruel realities of life. Everything has an equal and an opposite. The wonderful, uplifting, feelings you get from being in love, are the exact opposite to the miserable, depression and sadness, that go along with a break up. Time, an active lifestyle, happy thoughts, and good friends will get you through this tough time.

Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships: Design Your Living Space for Love, Harmony & Prosperity

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Harness the ancient power and wisdom of Classical Feng Shui to enhance all of your relationships, from romantic pursuits to day-to-day interactions with friends, family, and coworkers. Explore real-life stories of men and women’s struggles with love and relationships and how Feng Shui enabled them to overcome their obstacles. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, Master Denise Liotta Dennis provides you with step-by-step instructions on: The two most popular Feng Shui systems: Eight Mansions and Flying Stars How to heal your house of detrimental formations that will repel romance and cause negative relationships Never-before-seen insights on the Life-Gua Zodiac, which helps you assess personality matches Other closely held secrets used by Feng Shui masters, including a variety of period charts
Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships is filled with effective methods for attracting love, prosperity, and even your soul mate. Use this comprehensive guide to improve not just the energy of your living space today, but also your happiness for many years to come.