What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Just Broke Up With You But You Want Him Back?

The hours and days directly following a break up can be confusing. You can feel hurt, angry, depressed, relieved, and sad all at the same time. And if your boyfriend just broke up with you but you still love him, all of these feelings can make you feel desperate. You want him to come back so that the two of you can be happy again. And you want him to want to come back because he loves you and can’t stand to be without you. How do you make that happen? How do you fix your relationship after a break up?

If your boyfriend just broke up with you, it might be tempting to tell him you’ll do whatever it takes to get back together. But the problem is, if you do the wrong thing during the critical time right after the break up, you could ruin things forever. That means you shouldn’t do anything that involves throwing yourself at him and begging him to take you back. If you feel like the break up was your fault, it is of course okay to apologize. But try to do it in a mature, drama-free way. No pleading or bargaining. Just tell him that you are sorry for what happened, and don’t try to pressure him to get back together.

One of the best things you can do right after a break up is give your boyfriend space. Let him have time to think about the break up and what life will be like without you. Don’t call him at all hours of the day. Don’t send him emails or text messages. Don’t make up reasons to go by his house. Just let things be for a couple of days at the very least. Let him see that you are handling the break up as an adult. Don’t show him that you are desperate to get him back, even if you feel that way.

Giving your boyfriend space after a break up gives him a chance to miss you. Once he has cooled off for a bit, he might decide that he wants to get back together as much as you do, and he’ll call you. But most importantly, giving him space lets you have time to get a plan together to get him back. That way you don’t just go and do whatever you can think of and end up pushing him further away.

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